Equine Stress Relieved by Specifically Designed Music

Help Your Horse Relax with Stress-Free Music
brought to you by The Art of Horse \ Boehringer Ingelheim

In collaboration with BI Equine Health, Janet Marlow, animal sound behaviorist at Pet Acoustics, Inc., developed Relax Trax, a music soundtrack arranged specifically to help relieve stress in horses.

Equine Stress can be temporary, or it can have lasting effects in the form of ulcers, so stress prevention is important for equine gastric health. Published studies have looked at the effects of music on animal behavior and welfare in normal and stressful situations, and have found repeated benefits to certain types of music.

  • Acute volume changes can cause a startle reflex in a horse. These volume changes have been eliminated to bring horses into a hearing comfort zone that releases muscle tension.
  • The Equine Relax Trax music soundtrack emphasizes beats in two and three to mimic natural movements in a horse’s listening environment
  • A horse (55Hz to 33,500Hz) hears at a higher frequency than humans (20Hz to 20,000Hz). Developers have contoured the frequency levels to avoid high and low pitched that can agitate equine hearing and result in hyper-vigilant behavior.
  • By clinically shown and proven methods, the overall elements in the music were designed to lower cortisol levels in order to minimize equine stress triggered by hearing sensitivities.

“It’s all about composing music and modifying the decibel and frequency levels of each note for the comfortable hearing range of the animal.”— Janet Marlow, Pet Acoustics Founder

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